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Erich Baumann, DVMDr. Erich Baumann graduated from the University of Illinois School of Veterinary Medicine in 1997 and has worked in emergency medicine since then. He started at the Animal Emergency Clinic of Mid-Maine in June 2001 and became our Chief of Staff in 2004.

Dr. Baumann is married with two teenage boys, one in college and the army reserves, and one in high school. He is an active volunteer firefighter in his town. His hobbies include outdoor activities such as hiking and camping along with furniture making.


Dr. Alex Munroe is an import from Framingham, Massachusetts who moved to Maine in 2001. He has been a part of the Animal Emergency Clinic of Mid-Maine (AECM) team since April 2002, when he began his first job in veterinary medicine as a technician. After several years he headed to Canada to pursue his veterinary degree. In 2008, he returned from the Atlantic Veterinary College and has helped heal dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, rabbits, reptiles and pretty much anything else small and odd since then. He emphasizes pain control for every species he treats, has a special interest in multiple types of exotics as well as collecting the most blindingly colored scrubs known to man!

Dr. Munroe lives in Auburn with his wife and young son in a 224-year-old farm house which has active maple trees to tap each spring. In his free time, he loves motorcycling for any reason or destination, drawing, finding excuses to travel back to Canada, and almost any kind of vocal music.

Dr. Andrine Belliveau grew up in Bolton, Massachusetts. She fostered her interest for animals early on in life, raising goats and sheep through 4-H as a child. She attended Cornell University and received a bachelor's degree in Animal Science, and then went on to obtain a DVM degree from Tufts University in 2011. She spent time as a general practioner in Upstate New York and Maine before transitioning to full-time emergency practice.

In her spare time, Dr. Belliveau enjoys hiking and kayaking. If she can manage a full week off from work, you can usually find her on a plane as she loves to travel. One of her favorite places to visit is the Highlands of Scotland. Her pets include a 'Jack Russell Terrorist' named Shiloh and an English Shepherd named Bennett. Dr. Belliveau also owns two rescue cats named Roo and Bergie.

Anna Holchstedler, DVM with DogDr. Anna Hochstedler grew up in the seacoast of New Hampshire. Having lived on the beach in North Hampton for the first years of her life, her love of the ocean and the New England coast started with her first memories. She attended Brown University (Providence, RI) for undergraduate studies because of the freedom of the academic program. After taking courses in Comparative Literature for two years, she decided to take a year off from school to be the animal caretaker on a sheep breeding farm in Gorham, Maine. The farm was also home to polo horses and a variety of other animals. After a year and a half on the farm, Dr. Hochstedler knew that she wanted a life spent with and taking care of animals.

Dr. Hochstedler used the last two years at Brown to complete requirements for veterinary school while working at a small animal clinic in southern Massachusetts on nights and weekends. After graduating from college in 1999, she continued working at the clinic as head technician — gaining veterinary experience while researching and applying to veterinary schools. She went on to attend Cornell University Veterinary School, where she graduated in 2004. After graduation, she moved back to Portland, Maine and worked for twelve years as an associate and partner at Hollis Animal Clinic.