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Dr. Alex Munroe is an import from Framingham, Massachusetts who moved to Maine in 2001. He has been a part of the Animal Emergency Clinic of Mid-Maine (AECM) team since April 2002, when he began his first job in veterinary medicine as a technician. After several years he headed to Canada to pursue his veterinary degree. In 2008, he returned from the Atlantic Veterinary College and has helped heal dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, rabbits, reptiles and pretty much anything else small and odd since then. He emphasizes pain control for every species he treats, has a special interest in multiple types of exotics as well as collecting the most blindingly colored scrubs known to man!

Dr. Munroe lives in Auburn with his wife and young son in a 224-year-old farm house which has active maple trees to tap each spring. In his free time, he loves motorcycling for any reason or destination, drawing, finding excuses to travel back to Canada, and almost any kind of vocal music.